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Chiqito’s ‘The Jack Trax’ review by DMC World

Our friends over at DMC World have reviewed the next EP up on I’m A House Gangster – Chiqito’s ‘The Jack Trax’ – giving it the full 5/5 rating!

You can grab the full EP from September 25th!

“The Hungarian Street House connoisseur, Chiqito, returns to make the booties bounce with a monstrous selection of delectable grooves to devour on his ‘The Jack Trax EP’ for IAHG. The opening title track does exactly what it says on the tin, armed with more Jack than Jill would know how to handle! It’s bumping beats and old school Hip-House flavours, a giant bass groove and nostalgic retro samples. The party continues with ‘Space Jam’, inspired by the movie no less, which features the theme song vocal sample. ‘Gangster Life’ is a jazzy joint, with it’s pressure beats it comes drizzled with Sax licks and a bumpty bass topped with the infectious ‘Hear The Drummer Get Wicked’ vocal hook. ‘G House’ is a hands down Hip-House floor rocker teased with retro samples and sees Chiqito break it down with explosive results!”