Riki Inocente Hits Us With An ‘Epiphany’ In 2016

Read about Riki Inocente and his new ‘Epiphany EP” release on I’m A House Gangster, in this online article by the guys at House Legend Magazine.

“2016 has definitely began with a high musical note with a number of Artists, DJs and Producers not holding back with their fresh material, including Riki Inocente. Inocente’s music has been moving dance floors all over the world for the last decade. Growing up on a diet of Motown and Northern Soul, the ‘Nothern Rose’ EPproducer began playing at warehouse parties in Sheffield, UK, also ironically known as ‘Little Chicago’.

Riki Inocente’s new music brings us his unique ‘London Beat’ brand of House music, making this solo debut on DJ Sneak’s cult label- I’m A House Gangster, something to look forward to. The ‘Epiphany’ EP started life on Riki’s birthday (6th January), a date also celebrated as ‘The Day Of Kings / Epiphany’, hence the EP name.”

Read the full article at House Legend Magazine