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DJ Feedback

Roberto Rodriguez: Great bangers! Bring it.
Tripmastaz: pimpalicious 4 real
Ramon Tapia: big one from jesse
Danny Krivit: Nice groove on Learn How To Spin
Dave Seaman: retro coolness


Miami bad-boy Jesse Perez returns to the I’m A House Gangster stable bringing with him a box of dynamite cuts to annihilate the clubs this season! ‘This Ain’t No Rave EP’ comes armed with 3 Bass charged bullets; the title track is a straight up slab of Bass House, backed with pressure beats, toying with a Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock classic ‘It Takes Two’ sample to effect. ‘Too Many DJs, Not Enough Hoes’ is a sassy Hip-House tinged groover, which tips it’s hat to the old skool, and is a prime example of Jesse’s cut up sample wizardry. Finishing off the package is the incessant groove of ‘Learn How To Spin’ – lyrically giving a small dig to the laptop autopilot DJ generation, this bomb builds with Latin tinged percussive beats that give way to a bouncing bass lick.

We asked Jesse if there were any stories around the creation of his IAHG tracks, to which he told us; “I asked Sneak if he would be interested in an EP from me, he told me to send him some bass tracks, so I got to work on “This Ain’t No Rave”. The two others I had made a few years back, and both were played in almost all of my sets to this day.
After a lot of people asking me to release them, I’m now happy to finally share them with others. ”

Jesse Perez describes the House Gangster sound as; “Raw, warm, from the soul like abuelas cooking!”

“These are dandelion tracks. All 3 tracks are in my ‘If the crowd isn’t dancing’ folder” – Jesse Perez

Legend tells it that Jesse Perez was born in a rundown motel in Little Havana (a small Latin neighbourhood in Miami) just minutes after being conceived. Son to a local pimp (who is oddly 10 years older than Jesse), Jesse was exposed to the art of Slangin’ D as a young boy. His mother, who at that time was a stage dancer for a popular local rap group called the “2 Live Crew”, would work many shows for these artists and would sneak Jesse in as often as she could. Jesse has been producing and remixing since 2005 and has released on Hot Creations, Off Recordings, Exploited and his own label Mr Nice Guy Recordings, among others. He has remixed the likes of Nick Monaco, Ellen Allien, Pleasurekraft and many more. Jesse made his debut on I’m A House Gangster in 2014 with his ‘That’s Real Muthafuckin Talk’ EP featuring remixes from Paolo Rocco & Jay and label boss DJ Sneak.