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Harry Romero and Joeski (aka HR & SKI) get their Jazz freak on for Summer 2015, delivering a quirky 2 track EP aimed squarely at the dancers! Armed with a fierce jackin’ sway, ‘Ghetto Bounce’ comes decorated with cool Jazz licks and breaks down to a sublime drum solo, before bringing back the groove. ‘Rewind It Back’ is a no messin’, 4-to-tha-floor intense slab of House. It’s bumping deep bass throbs to the raw pressure beats while delivering an uber spoken word, fused with catchy vocal hooks.

DJ feedback:
Josh Wink: Been fortunate to have been rocking this for some time! Happy it’s finally coming out! Jacking jacking Ghetto Bounce on HG!
Luke Solomon: put this on my essential mix beginning of year people still ask what it is monster
Doc Martin: This has been a huge cut for me!!!!
Mark Farina: hot!!! Jams!!!
Huxley: Loving Rewind It Back

“Ghetto Bounce’ came about last year when Joeski and I were in studio having the hardest time coming up with something that moved us. Went for a ride to clear our heads and put the radio on some random Jazz station and right away the music caught our attention. We shazzamed what we heard and that’s all we needed to turn around and go right back to the studio… 2 hours later ‘Ghetto Bounce’ was born! Keeping in line with the vibe of the first track, we went crate diggin’ for something funky and fat. And that’s where ‘Rewind It Back’ was conceived. We wanted to keep the whole EP really striped back, raw and produced just the right amount. I think what we created is something timeless and heartfelt with zero gimmicks that will be felt across all genres. ITS HOUSE MUSIC!” – Harry Romero

Combining more than 20 years of experience as individuals in the underground House music scene, legends Harry Romero and Joeski have crossed paths in 2014 to create a SUPER DUO – HR & SKI. As solo producers and DJ’s both have had years of touring and very successful releases under their belts. They have played at all legendary venues like The Ministry of Sound to Pacha Ibiza and have graced the DJ booths of every important night club on all continents.
Just google their names to see the long list of music released as solo producers. Joeski has been at the helm of his very successful Maya Records for way over a decade and Harry has had his Bambossa Records, which has been burning the underground since the late 90’s.

The pair met in WMC 2014. Harry says, “I was playing for DJ Sneak that night in Miami and I bumped into Joeski right after my set. We talked for a bit and exchanged phone numbers.” Little did these 2 know that this exchange would be the beginning of a new journey that would spark future releases on Suara, Stereo, Defected and Maya, causing a storm last year with their productions. The success of these releases brought HR & SKI to the world stage in Mexico for the infamous and very important BPM Festival, where they played a set for the record books. Joeski says, “What we do behind the decks is NOT a back 2 back. We play on 2 Mixers and 4 decks simultaniously. We are both mixing together at the same time and it’s MAJIC!”