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After bringin’ the noise last year with his badass ‘Past To Future EP’, Toronto’s Jackin House hustler Demuir makes a welcome return to I’m A House Gangster with his bumper 5 tracker ‘Jacktified EP’. ‘Rise of The Sagittarian’ bolts from the stable with jazzy keys that canter over lively pasture of Jackin’ beat wizardry and calls for more “Sound and Soul” to rise up. ‘Talk’n Bout Gangsta’ puts the F.U.N.K. back in the H.O.U.S E. and takes a pop at the ‘I am true House music’ hypocrites, who sneak off and play watered down music under a different name in the spirit for a quick buck. ‘Raw N Crazy’ is a playful groove about losing your mind when surrendering yourself to music or someone and comes teased with cut-up sweeping Disco loops and racy spoken words, all set to an irresistible skip-to-my-house groove.

“I can tell you that I was going for a rawness that captures real House music beats with an emotion that demands listening to the truth… The special thing here is that there are more sampled beats and swearing. LOL! I’m amazed how some labels shrieked at the sound of some cussing to underscore a point. I’m glad that House Gangster does not suffocate the action.” – Demuir


DJ Feedback:

Luke Solomon: great EP – I’m a fan innit

Giom: Yes, nicely done!

Mark Farina: fire!!! hot!!!!

Maya Jane Coles: Solid release!

Sidney Charles: talk’n about gangsta is wicked

Canadian DJ / producer Demuir has an eclectic House sound that exudes funky, sexy and soulful grooves. His DJ and production career has propelled him into a range of various house based genres (Jacking / Funky House, Techno, Tech-House), which has led to his music being featured on many respectable labels including: Great Lakes Audio (GLA), IAHG (I Am A House Gangster), DNH, Mikita Skyy, Fogbank, Farris Wheel and Doin’ Work, among many. He even extends broadly and dabbles in Hip Hop and Samba as an extension of his musicianship, playing a wide range of live instruments as well. Demuir has received international nods and receiving play from DJ elites including Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Nick Holder, DJ Sneak, Doc Martin, J. Paul Getto and Darius Syrossian. Demuir continues to broadening his presence as a DJ and Producer, gaining respect for his forward thinking House Music creations.

“The House Gangster sound is truth and aligned to the definition of what real house music is. The House Gangster sound is the consciousness of house music – a place where real underground sound stands on its own regardless of the status quo or whatever bandwagon people are jumping on.”- Demuir