Harry Romero - I'm A House Gangster


House Gangster means standing behind what you believe and staying the course no matter what. It means not selling yourself short or following the status quo. It means staying true to the essence of House music … the vibe and not the fashion. – Harry Romero

iahg quote phil weeks


Some people get confused; this is nothing about violence or gangster bad boys. Just fighting for the sound of music we love – Phil Weeks

Mo' Funk - I'm A House Gangster


The House Gangster movement is about having a true love for House music, it’s about standing up for what’s right in a genre that’s been tarnished so much lately from commercial acts wanting the $ – Mo’Funk

Arturo Garces - I'm A House Gangster


House music has always kept me moving in the right direction. I live this day and night 24/7. It means the world to me – Arturo Garces

Joeski - I'm A House Gangster


This House Gangster sound is raw, jackin, banging, hypnotic, deep in your face House music! – Joeski

Hector Moralez - I'm A House Gangster


We’re all part of this dance music community and supporting each other is the only way to really keep it alive – Hector Moralez